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Colour grading has

never been simpler.

photoshop actions for cinematographers


Simple, precise, repeatable.
Bring the grading suite into Photoshop. 
Create looks on any still frame.
Import LUTs and grade log images. 
Precise Controls that are intuitive and familiar.
Over 350 one click actions.  

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Welcome to Simple.

Not so long ago, grading film with printer lights and a colour timer armed only with a notebook was a sobering experience. 
Warmer, cooler, lighter, darker, green or magenta.
End of story!

Todays cinematographer has a multitude of options when it comes to grading their images. But while the techniques vary, the principles remain the same.
Why not apply those principles using the one bit of kit nearly every
cinematographer owns... Photoshop.
Whether creating looks from stills, creating reference grades from log images or creating LUT's, these Photoshop actions will greatly expand your grading repertoire
using an interface that is familiar and tools that are Precise, repeatable and above all simple.

2point8 create useful tools for cinematographers.
It was founded by Simon Riera NZCS, a working cinematographer who believes that keeping things simple is often a really good idea.




What are Photoshop actions?

Photoshop actions are scripts that allow a series of actions to be performed in Photoshop. They can range from the very simple to the very complex, and allow for the full power of Photoshop to be used at the press of a button.

What version of Photoshop do I need?

While nearly all of the actions work on Photoshop CS2 onwards, the use of colour look up tables (LUTs) is only possible from CS6 onwards. 

Are the actions compatible with Mac and PC?

Yes, the actions can be used on both the Mac and PC platforms.

How do I install the actions?

The simplest way of uploading the actions is from within Photoshop. Open the actions pallet if it is not already open by clicking on Window in the menu and selecting Actions. At the top right of the Actions pallet there is a small symbol made up of 4 horizontal lines. Click on this and select Load Actions. Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded or saved your actions and select all the files in the Cinematography Actions folder. (there are 15). 
Done. As simple as that.

Alternatively you can navigate to the preset folder where Photoshop stores its actions and copy your downloaded actions into the Photoshop actions folder.

On the Mac this location is Applications / Adobe Photoshop CC / Presets / Actions

On the PC this location isC:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CC\Presets\Actions

What type of image files can I use?

You can use any image format that photoshop accepts, however we recommend using a 16bit image format such as Tiff or PSD for the best results. 
Although the actions work with any sized image, the ND grad actions are scaled for 1920x1080 images at 72ppi. Other image sizes will affect the size of the grad. 

What Photoshop colour settings should I use?

Recommended working space is sRGB.